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International conference on 24-25th March 2020




The conference will take place after the anniversary of Poland’s accession to NATO and the European Union at the time of growing socio-political divisions in Europe resulting from the inflow of migration, increasing separatist movements, global deterioration of trade conditions, a new arms race, and uncertainty related to Brexit. On a global scale, we face prognosis of another global economic crisis, further fluctuations of oil prices, climate change, and possible terrorist attacks.

Just as it was difficult to predict the events taking place in the 1990s (the collapse of the USSR, changes in the political and economic system of Poland and other countries of the Eastern bloc), it is also difficult to predict what may happen in the short- or long-term future.

The world is changing dynamically – but is it at a crossroads? The answer is affirmative based on the observation of current events: emerging new economic and technological powers and the growing climate crisis. Can a precise diagnosis of the contemporary events be made? Can an accurate prognosis be made, especially in the field of state and international security in the areas significant from the point of view of the state power, state sovereignty and raison d’Etat. These problems delineate the thematic scope of the international conference that will take place on 24-25th March 2020 at the War Studies University.

Conference objectives:

  1. Integration of the scientific community in the face of the present and future challenges;
  2. Promotion of cooperation;
  3. Dissemination of research results;
  4. Encouraging an interdisciplinary debate in the field of Security Studies, in particular political, military, economic, socio-cultural, and environmental security determined by the rapid technological development.


Thematic areas:


  • Technologies and warfare in the future.
  • Global forecast – where is the world heading to?
  • Forecasting the future of Poland.
  • Realistic scenarios of potential future conflicts.
  • Direction of technological development of countries.
  • The future of the European Union and NATO.
  • Threats to humanity in the 21st century.
  • Global problems of the modern world and their impact on the domestic situation of countries.
  • The international dimension of economic, political, socio-cultural, environmental, and military security.



  • Challenges for state governance.
  • Challenges for contemporary international organizations (the EU, NATO, and others).
  • Energy security.
  • Environmental security.
  • Cultural changes of contemporary societies.
  • Economic conditions in the face of social expectations and dwindling resources.
  • Trade wars and emerging economic powers.
  • Global threats to modern economy – the dynamics of crises.
  • Social polarization and populism.


Conference applications are accepted till March 1, 2020.
After opening the following website you will find a registration form to be filled in

Full conference fee 600 PLN (140 Euro)
PhD candidates fee 400 PLN (95 Euro)
Submitting an article to be published in a post-conference paper
 (without an active participation in the conference 150 PLN (35 Euro)

Conference fee payments are accepted till March 10, 2020 on the following bank account:

•    IBAN PL81 1240 1095 1111 0000 0324 4159; SWIFT PKOPPLPW (in case of Euro);
•    71 1240 6074 1111 0010 4302 4446 (in case of  PLN)

with an annotation  „your full name, conference SEC4”

Full conference fee includes: coffee brakes, lunch, official dinner on the first day of the conference, conference materials, article publication in a post-conference paper or in scientific journals (with 20 points), preferably in English.

Those interested in a post-conference publication are asked to send their articles in an electronic version (Word, print 12, max. 40 000 words in length, footnotes at the bottom of the page, a half page abstract in Polish and English, key words in Polish and English,  a bibliography at the end, a short biography  note) to the following address

till max. June 15, 2020
Conefernce organisers reserve the right to reject an article because of not meeting technical/content criteria.
Decision concerning the conference materials publication is reserved to the Organization Committee and the Conference Scientific Board.

Conference Scientific Board reserves a right to choose the conference speakers.

Detailed conference plan and other technical/organizational information will be given till March 15, 2020.

Conference secretary: dr Marta Gębska, War Studies University
e-mail:, mobile +48 880 381 578

Information clause:
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  1. Administrator of your personal data is War Studies University located at Gen. A. Chrusciela Avenue 103, 00-910 Warsaw.
  2. Your personal data will be processed for registration, organization and conference execution needs.  
  3. The basis for your personal data processing is an agreement for personal data processing.
  4. Giving personal data is voluntary, however necessary to aims’ realization to which it had been collected.
  5. Data will not be made available to eternal entities except of the cases prescribed by the law regulations and entities cooperating with a data administrator in terms of the conference realization.
  6. Data will be kept for the time necessary to realize the above mentioned goals, and after that, for a period required by general law regulations.
  7. You have a right to access your data contents and,  subject to legal provisions, a right to their refutation, deletion, processing restriction, a right to data exporting, and a law to object processing. In case when data processing is done with your agreement, you are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time. Consent withdrawal leads to   future results. Consent withdrawal does not affect an accordance with the processing law, which was done on the basis of a consent before its withdrawal.
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  9. Your data will not be processed  in an automatic way  and will not be subjected to profiling in accordance with the art. 22 RODO.


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