Poster Museum in Wilanów

The Poster Museum located in Wilanów is the oldest one of this kind in the world. Every year, around ten exhibitions are being held in this museum and exported to the other museums across the world.

Warsaw Station Museum

Station Museum inherited its collection from the Warsaw Railway Museum, which had been closed on 31st March 2016. The station museum hold both permanent and temporary exhibitions about chronological development of rail industry both on global scale and in Poland.


National Museum of Warsaw

The National Museum of Warsaw was originally founded in 1862 as the Museum of Fine Arts. It is currently one of the oldest art museums in the country. Today it boasts a collection numbering around 830,000 works of art from Poland and abroad, from ancient times to the present.

Museum of Caricature

The museum established in 1978 and located in Old Town of Warsaw. The museum collections include over 20 thousand works of Polish and foreign artists. It is the only museum of this kind in Poland and one of the fifty such museums in the world.


The Royal Castle in Warsaw-Museum

The castle was completely destroyed during the IIWW. Fortunately, many of its rich interiors and decorations were saved. The castle reconstructed in the 1970s and 1980s with the help of whole Polish nation. Today, the castle is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage.


The Royal Łazienki Museum

Łazienki is all about King Stanisław Augusut who ruled between 1764-1975. Royal Łazienski was his summer residence. Today, the Palace with the greatest archietural achievements is a museum where you can find some paintings from the King`s collection.

Museum of King Jan III`s Palace of Wilanów

The Palace was built for Jan III Sobieski, the King of Polidh-Lithuanian Commonwealth, in the end of the 17th century. Today, the palace is a museum and it is the oldest art museum in Poland. The exhibitions in the museum are from all over the world.

Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle

Centre for Contemporary Art is mainly a place for artistic exploration where you can find both permanent and temporary exhibitions of artists from Poland and foreign countries.

Zachęta, National Gallery of Art

Zachęta is one of the oldest galleries of contemporary art in Poland. The collections in the museum is mainly about Polish postwar exhibitions. Also, the museum building is one of the few in the city to survive the IIWW.

Museum of the History of Polish Jews

The museum is located in the district formerly inhabited by the Jews, transformed into the ghetto by Nazis. The museum shows a thousand years of history and brings back the memory about Jewish culture and heritage.

Polish Army Museum

The Museum was founded on 22nd April 1920 and its collection currently holds over 250,000 artefacts and is continually expanded by new acquisitions, purchases and donations.

National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw

The museum established in 1888 but it was bombed in IIWW and lost its precious collections. Today the museum has over 90,000 exhibits items from Poland and also other countries as well.


Museum of Sport and Tourism

This museum is one of the oldest example of this kind in Europe. The museums items mainly connected with Polish sport such as medals, cups, sport badges, emblems, costumes and equipment.


The Warsaw Rising Museum

The museum opened on the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. The museum is a tribute to those who fought and died for free Poland.

Frederic Chopin Museum

The museum established in 1934 and it holds the largest collection of objects related to life and work of Chopin in the world. The museum enable to listen Chopin`s music for visitors. You can also find the Chopin`s last piano and his hand written pieces in the museum.