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Letter of Intent

The Centre for Security Studies at the University of Buckingham (BUCSIS) was founded in 2008, and delivers a range of programmes at Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels around the general subject area of contemporary security, intelligence and diplomacy studies. BUCSIS has a particular interest in developing new programmes aimed not only at traditional students but also at professionals working in these subject areas, and to do so in an international environment. To this end, the partnership with the War Studies University on the Diploma Studies certificate in Global Affairs and Diplomacy will significantly enhance these objectives and allow us to build what we hope will be a long-term academic relationship of  mutual benefit with a partner of distinction.

Professor Julian Richards
Director, Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies (BUCSIS)
University of Buckingham


Meeting the contemporary science needs related to the international issues and dynamically developing geopolitical situation in the world, the National Security Faculty of the War Studies University together with the Centre of Security  and Intelligence Studies  (BUCSIS) of Buckingham University in The United Kingdom has prepared a special didactic offer in the formula of one-year postgraduate studies in Global Affairs and Diplomacy.

The aim of the programme within the framework of Postgraduate Studies in Global Affairs and Diplomacy is to present the knowledge and education to practical learners in international issues and diplomatic protocol. The study programme includes, among the others, such areas as: International Diplomacy Issues, Current Security Challenges, Strategy Study, Conflict Resolution, Global Communication Policy, Great Powers, International Organizations and Institutions, and International Policy Analysis. All classes will be conducted in English. The programme has in its curriculum a one-week study trip to Buckingham University and classes in the Professional Centre of Simulation of War Study University.  The studies are directed primarily to institutions and people dealing with the security in national and international aspect. One-year postgraduate programme ends with the certificated diploma of two universities, that is:  War Studies University and University of Buckingham.

Nicholas Rees
Dean and Professor of International Relations
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
The University of Buckingham

The National Security Faculty of War Studies University is a forerunner of security research, with number of years of experience, the significant scientific achievements and qualified scientific and didactic staff. The Centre of Security and Intelligence Studies at Buckingham University (BUCSIS) has created a dedicated programme only for War Studies University in the field of general subjects of contemporary security studies, international affairs and diplomacy. The academic staff of Buckingham Centre has numerous years of experience in implementing international politics solutions, advising international institutions, and consulting on negotiations and diplomacy issues.

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this offer. I hope that the knowledge and valuable experience gained during this didactic process will contribute to your further professional development.

COL Bogdan Grenda, Assoc. Prof.
Dean of the Department of National Security ASzWoj