The university provides a possibility of using the services of the canteen which offers tasty home-like cuisine. The canteen has 280 places for guests who may be served at the same time.

The cost of full board in the student canteen amounts to 35 PLN a day or separately: breakfast – 12,15 PLN, lunch – 13,88 PLN, supper – 8,68 PLN. Every student has own electronic meals’s card. Meals are served at the following times: (1) breakfast 6.45 – 8.30; (2) lunch 13.30 – 15.45; (3) supper 18.00 – 19.30. If you need any diet or other limitations we can arrange special food for you if you let us know about it.

The building where the classes take place houses a small diner serving light meals and drinks. In the surroundings of WSU there are also bakeries, grocery stores and restaurants.

Meals outside University:
Dinner in a restaurant: 30-60 PLN,
Pizza: 15-35 PLN,
Kebab: 9 PLN
Chinese restaurant: 15 PLN
Mc Donald’s: sandwich 3-8 PLN,