Culture events

Chopin Concert in Łazienki Park

Since 1959, Warsaw has Chopin Concerts from mid-May to september on every sunday at the food of Fryderyk Chopin Monument in the Łazienki Royal Park.Famous pianists perform at noon and at 4.p.m. The event is very popular among local and tourist people. Don`t miss the chance of listening from great composers in one of the great spot in Warsaw. 

Musical Floralia

This event has been organized since 1996, on every sunday from May to September. The festival hosts eminent pianists and young talents from around the world.The concerts are held in the Fangorówka Gallery courtyard when magnolias azaleas are in bloom.

The International Street Art Festival

Street Art Festival started in 1993, since then every year in June and July Wasrsaw`s biggest open air event takes place. During the festival, theater shows by Polish and foreign  troupes.

International Open Air Festival Jazz at the Old Town

This festival is one of the most popular and largest jazz festivals in Poland in terms of audience numbers. During the July and August, in each Saturday jazz festival takes place in Old Town. Organization hosts artists from Poland and all over the world.

The European Music Garden Festival

Music Garden Festival organized since  2001. It is held in the courtyard of the Royal Castle. in the festival you can find the most popular operas and ballets, as well as musicals.


Juwenalia is a festival for students organised by students. During the fesival, many different Polish music bands and singers get on a stage that you can find in every type of music concert. Juwenalia is not only about concerts, it also organize different events such as movie screenings, club parties and so on. During the May the organisation takes place in different places.